Monday, September 28, 2009

Incorporating Fired Pieces Into New Work

This is my newest piece, "Terra Nova."

What makes this piece interesting is that all the pods, except the dark colored ones, have been previously fired to Cone 10.

The pods were composed into the hull shaped structure (made of paperclay). Paperclay was used to "glue" everything together. The entire assembly was sent through bisque fire. Iron oxide and Manganese Dioxide stains were used on the outside of the hull shape to color it. No glazes were applied. The entire piece was fired to Cone 10 reduction.

The little red balls inside the seed pods are made from polymer clay for a pop of color. I've also used real seeds, also red, in the 3 central pods (barely seen here). These were added after the high fire. The white tentacles (southern ice porcelain paperclay) fired together with the piece (but not attached) were later assembled.

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