Monday, September 28, 2009

Paperclay slip as a Dimensional Element

Southern Ice Porcelain paperclay slip was used to create the raised look and feel for this sculptural vase (17"H x 5"W x 5"D).

1. The wax resist design was applied and drawn free hand.
2. Flashing slip was applied onto the entire piece. The waxed design resisted the slip.
3. Piece was bisque fired. The flashing slip cracks to give a nice texture.
4. The porcelain paperclay slip was applied in the wax resisted areas. Layers of the slip was built up until it had a sufficient raised dimensional effect.
5. The piece was then re-bisqued to weld the applied green porcelain slip on to the piece.
6. Wax was re-applied over the porcelain area to mask it out.
7. Carbon trap shino glaze is applied. The white porcelain surfaces is protected by wax.
8. Piece fired to Cone 10 reduction.

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