Monday, March 28, 2011

"Chrysalis" Receives Award

Ink and Clay 37 at the Kellogg Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona.

This year's Ink and Clay 37 show features 103 artworks by 79 artists. 1o Juror's awards were given out, 5 for Ink and 5 for Clay.

My piece "Chrysalis" was one of 5 ceramic works that received the Juror's award at the opening reception last night. A cash prize of $500 was part of the award.

The juror for Clay is Kevin Wallace, Director and Curator of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, California.

When asked by what criteria he would determine his selections, Kevin responded: "Contemporary artists working in traditional craft media such as clay are often pushed in two directions: to improve their technical knowledge and skill and to create original work. Technique is of course important, but ultimately it only serves to further the artist's vision. As for originality, one need only look within. Each of us has a unique set of experiences, influences and desires. Artists are often advised to find a style that is highly original and search for something that will make an impression, often losing sight of their true individuality.

My criteria in selecting work will be that the work truly comes from within. Whatever the subject matter and techniques used, I will be looking for an honest approach to self-expression. I am not looking to be dazzled by techniques or overwhelmed by originality. I only ask that the work truly express and share the individuality of the artist."

The juror's statement resonated very strongly with me and I've included it here. I am happy to share "Chrysalis."

The show runs through Friday, April 29, 2011 at the Kellogg Art Gallery in Cal Poly Pomona, California. Here's the link to more gallery info (gallery hours, location, parking).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Colony" Gets 2nd place

My sculpture "Colony" at the City of Brea Art Gallery "Made in California" received the 2nd place award last night at the Awards Ceremony.

Juror Sinead Finnerty-Pyne, curator from the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena selected seventy pieces of art out of approximately 500 statewide entries that included painting, sculpture, photography and installation art.

The show will run till May 6, 2011 at the City of Brea Art Gallery.