Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ink and Clay 36 at the Kellogg Art Gallery, CalPoly Pomona.

This piece, "Terra Nova", will be showcased at this year's Ink and Clay 36 juried exhibition.

The exhibit will open Thursday, March 18 and run through Saturday, May 1, 2010. The opening reception will be held on Sunday, March 21 from 3-5PM.

Kellogg Art Callery
California State Polytechnic University
3801 W. Temple Avenue,
Pomona, CA 91768

"91 works by 73 artists were selected from 600 entries. Jurors Elaine Levin (clay) and Leslie Jones (ink), juried their categories separately, applying their expertise along with their own unique perspective to selecting the work. The results reflect the high-quality and diverse nature that characterizes this show."

"When asked by what criteria will she make her choices, Elaine responded, "As a juror, I look for a fresh expression in materials and concepts. I'm interested in the thoughtful ideas stated in an original manner that reflects an artist's interests and passions. I look for what hasn't been seen before. I search for how well the object communicates an idea to the viewer. While finding the best possible aesthetic examples of work submitted, I also need to be aware of creating a balanced exhibit."

Artist Statement
This piece continues the evolution of my "Earthship" series of sculptures. The early "Earthship" pieces explores the theory of how life came to be on this Earth. There is speculation that the primordial organic elements were brought in by meteorites, thus seeding the Earth with early life forms.

What happens when this Earth becomes fully colonized and populated? This new "Earthship" is now crammed with a diversity of life forms which evolved over the eons, taking them, and hopefully, finding a new Earth, "Terra Nova."

Terra Nova, 2009
Ceramic sculpture: Sculpture paperclay, Southern Ice porcelain paperclay, Black Mountain potters clay, Black Mountain sculpture clay, "Grogzilla" sculpture clay, flashing slip, feldspar crystals, polymer clay (red), natural red seeds. Iron oxide and manganese dioxide stain on the outside of the hull structure. No glaze. High fire Cone 10 reduction. 22"H x 19"W x 10"D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paperclay Today | Artist Symposium

Here's more information about this exciting event coming up in Laguna Beach.

Paper Clay Artists Shape’ Up Skills at Symposium

Laguna Beach Ceramics hosts the inaugural Paperclay Today Artist Symposium, featuring 15 national and international paper clay artists, on Feb. 6 and 7 at Aliso Creek Inn.

This is an invitational symposium with artists sharing their work through open and panel discussions, demonstrations, and mini-workshops. The mini, 80-minute workshops will be open to all interested ceramic students and artists.

The cost will be $40 for the first workshop and $30 for each additional workshop. There will be special pricing of $85 for the all-day session, which includes the opening session, where each artist makes a short presentation of their work, and two afternoon workshops. Lunch can be purchased on-site.

Registration will be available on-site on the days of the events, or register at www.lagunabeachceramics. com.

Presenting artists include: Joyce Centofanti (USA), Antonella Cimatti (Italy), Michele Collier (USA), Cynthia Dahlstrom (USA), Lynn Drake (USA), Melody Evans (USA), Anthony Foo (USA), Lorri Acott Fowler (USA), Rosette Gault (USA), Graham Hay (Australia), Angela Mellor (England), Rejane Mercier (Canada), Tina Neale (UK), Marcy Neiditz (USA), Charles Sherman (USA), and Erica Van Wyk (USA).