Monday, September 21, 2009

Left Over Paperclay Slip? No Problem!

Often times I have left over paperclay slip and if I'm not going to be using it for some time, I dry out the extra moisture and store the paperclay in plastic bags. If I am not in need of fresh paperclay, I may opt to dry out the slip completely (to bone dry), break it up into crumbs and then store it for later use.

The picture shows a batch of paperclay slip that I've poured on to an old bed sheet. I've enlisted the concrete of my patio to help "suck" the excess water from the slip. If you have plaster bats, that will work, too.

My technique take several days and I have to fold/flip the paperclay onto itself many times to facilitate the drying out process. If you are going to be working with moist paperclay, you decide when the paperclay is workable for you. The dried out paperclay can be rehydrated into a workable consistency when the need arises.

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