Sunday, December 15, 2013

Journey To The West - Part 1

A commission I was working on this year for a brand new hotel in China. The work is based on a piece of the same namesake, but on a larger scale.

The pictures here show the progression of the project, starting from top down.

1. Hand built Gault 10 paper clay tubes. The tallest greenware piece is 50"H, the shortest is 35"H.

2. Fired to Cone 10 oxidation, bare clay. One fire from greenware straight to Cone 10. No glazes were necessary

3. Treated with a paint primer to seal the ceramic surface.

4. Custom paint treatment.

5. The finished grouping, "Family Ties." The "ties" were re-purposed from nylon strapping I salvaged from the trash from a well known electronic store. The bow design is my own.

I'll post more pictures after the piece has been installed, sometime early next year.

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