Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Clay Touches Another

As clay artists, most of the time we work alone. Toiling away in our studios, creating inspired works that come from within us. It’s only recently through websites and social media avenues that we are able to share our work with the rest of the world.

To have my work and what I do with paper clay touch another person’s heart is truly humbling and inspiring. To hear someone say something like, “you rekindle the fire in me” or “I feel empowered after attending your paper clay workshop” energizes me to keep doing what I do with paper clay – creating works that speak silently but directly to ones heart. No words are necessary nor needed.

I present my work in my website, blog, Facebook, Flickr to share with other ceramic enthusiasts. My pieces reflect who I am and my life experiences.

To all the clay people out there, we are already connected. Enjoy this oneness.

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