Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes I Do Make Functional Stuff ...

A tall, slab built triangular Ikebana vase. High fire Cone 10 reduction. With green to black flashing slip on greenware. Carbon trap shino on the bisque.

18"H x 7"W x 7"D. I made the piece hefty and heavy to be able to take some large sized branches for an Ikebana arrangement.

I like the sculptural element of the piece. It can stand alone as a sculpture and it also works beautifully as a functional vessel. I think it would look great with some cherry blossoms branches.


Anonymous said...

Love your work -- been following your stuff on flickr for years. Would you share the recipe for the green to black flashing slip? I love the idea.

Anthony Foo said...

Hi bptacoma,

Glad you are enjoying my pieces.

I got the green to black slip when I took the kazegama workshop with Steve Davis from Aardvark so I do not know the formula. Steve's website may have some more info about this slip.

Hope this helps.