Sunday, March 7, 2010

Business cards as framed art

I got these as my new business cards. They are called Moo Mini cards and I really like them. They are about 1/2 the size of a regular business card. The nice thing about this company is that you can have a different image on each of your 100-card order if you like.

I figured since I already have images of my sculptures I might as well re-purpose them and use them to make my unique business cards. I got this ready-made black acrylic frame from the same company as an art frame. What you see here is a collection of my cards. The way you arrange the cards are up to you. You can re-configure them to have a totally new look.

Taking a photograph of the framed "art" with a shiny acrylic protective piece over it is tricky, but you get the idea. I've cropped out the 1 1/2" black frame to give a better view of the cards themselves. I have 27 individual designs for my business cards, the frame here holds 20. I have purposely selected a close-up view of my sculptures to make them even more abstract and is interesting to go to my website to "hunt" for the image to see the entire piece.

The company also does regular size business cards, greeting cards, note cards, etc. Here's the link to the company, The layout of the cards is done online on their site.

If you do make your order by credit card, you will be charged a financial transaction fee as the company is based in the UK. The cards are of a heavy card stock and are printed and packaged in Rhode Island, USA. Sounds like I'm a salesperson for the company but I'm not and am not getting any compensation from them. Check them out if you are interested. The cards have worked out very well for me, and everyone I've given the card to is totally enamored by the uniqueness of the concept.

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