Sunday, March 7, 2010

The beauty of Black Mountain

Black Mountain sculpture clay (from Aardvark) is one of my favorite "traditional/regular" clay. I like it for its texture, color and feel of it. Paperclay is my clay of choice and I use this Black Mountain clay when my sculpture calls for it. With paperclay, I can incorporate this "regular" clay using my "sandwich" technique (See earlier post). It gives a very nice contrast to the lighter colored clays (for example, southern ice porcelain paperclay) without the use of additional glazes.

I always let the clay dictate what kind of a rim the piece likes to have. I do not trim the rim at all. The natural way the rim develops in all of my pinch forms gives them their own uniqueness and personality. For me, this gives me a most satisfying feeling. The form becomes what it wants to be. I let it be and enjoy what it has become - naturally.

Size: 4.5" dia x 3.5"H. No glaze. Hi fire Cone 10 reduction. Black Mountain sculpture clay.

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