Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does anyone else feel this way?

This opening paragraph is from Steven Montomery, New York, New York. His sculptures and article is in the January 2010 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

"An intense and unwavering commitment to my work preceded any idea of generating income from art. Any idea, or body of work, worthy of the honor of being purchased by a collector or museum is usually made presuming it will not generate a dime, but must be made nonetheless."

This is EXACTLY how I feel about my work. I was so thrilled to know someone else feels this way. To create a piece of work that is driven by one's passion and not by the thought of how much one can charge for it.

I have to admit that at times I hear and feel the latter thought in the back of my mind wanting to come out; wanting to be entertained. I feel this is a dangerous road to take because the reason for creating my work begins to shift. Then, I am no longer true to myself.


Loren Yagoda said...

When I meditate my mantra stated when fearful thoughts of selling appear is:
This is the year to create art and next year will be the year to sell that which is true to my soul.


Anthony Foo said...

Hi Loren,

Good to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed yourself and took a lot back from the paperclay workshop/symposium we attended.

Now go create great stuff with paperclay!