Friday, February 12, 2010

Collateral Damage

This is a picture of my hand pinched Black Mountain sculpture clay bowl that was involved in a "mini explosion" inside the glaze kiln. It was the largest pinch bowl I made so far; 9"Dia x 6.5"H. The shards from the exploded pot landed inside my bowl and fused with the glaze.

Part and parcel of the going ons in a community kiln. Most of the time my pieces come out fine out of the Cone 10 reduction firing.

To quote my instructor, Julia Klemek, "Don't fall in love with your piece until it comes out of the kiln."

I think this will make a great Ikebana flower bowl!


Carolyn said...


Carolyn said...

Gorgeous! Flowers would compliment very nicely with the boldness of the piece.