Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More of Julia and Her Figures

Here are some more pictures of Julia and her work. Numbered from top down.

1. Untitled, unsigned. Glazed high fired stoneware.
I call this piece "Iron Man."

2. Untitled, unsigned. Raku fired.
I call this piece, "Woman with Red Rose."
The delicate red roses impart a wonderful counter balance to the while crackle raku glaze.

3. Untitled, unsigned, Raku fired.
I call this piece, "My Venus." I really love the minimalist feel of this piece.

Pieces 1, 2 and 3, were acquired at Julia's estate sale.

4. Julia sculpting Michael in her live study class.

5. Model Michael Schmidt posing for Julia's live study class.

6. Julia taking a breather, 2004. Model is Michael Schmidt.

 The last three pictures are courtesy of Michael Schmidt and are used with his permission.

Julia sculpting Michael
Michael Schmidt modelling in Julia's class

A relaxed Julia taking a break. Picture taken in 2004.


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