Monday, November 26, 2012

Invaluable Paper Clay Technique

This Is one of the major advantages of paper clay over a traditional clay, being able to continuously work on a piece even though the base piece is bone dry, in this case, adding wet paper clay onto a bone dry paper clay base. I use this technique often in my sculptures.

In this current project, I decided to add some texture to the pyramid base of my new succulent planter. I find the smooth sides too blah and in need of some interesting texture for the glaze to grab onto. The base was recycled from another project so I was happy to be able to use it with a bit of modification.

I knew I wanted some thick heavy texutre so I lathered on a thick layer of paper clay slip the consistency of heavy oatmeal on each side, and then proceeded to gouge deep furrows in the still wet paper clay slip to get my design. This process was repeated for each of the four sides of the base. The piece was then set out to dry. Then it will be ready for bisque fire.


Anonymous said...

Did you have to wet the bone dry base first? Is so, how wet did you make it?

Anthony Foo said...

Yes, I "slopped" on thick, wet paper clay slurry on to the bone dry base. No problem adding wet paper clay to dry.