Thursday, August 2, 2012

Steel, steel and more steel

My latest piece, "You Never Forget Your First Love."

Completed just a few days ago. The original concept, design sketches, and idea are several years old. I started work on the pod this year and was finally able to put everything together.

The pod is Gault 10 paper clay. This is my standard paper clay for my sculpture pieces. Fired to Cone 10 reduction with Van Gilders flashing slip and black iron oxide stain. I enhanced the surface with an acrylic pearlescent wash. The studio lights really bring out the shine in this treatment. The heart inside the box is finished with a hand rubbed copper leaf paint.

When you have a piece like this, the question is how to mount and display the work.

The support rod is 3/8" dia. stainless steel and the base is a really heavy, high carbon steel plate. The base has to be heavy enough to support this pod which about 32 inches high. My friend, James, who's a machinist, supplied me with these scrap steel pieces.

The barbed wire is from my family's house in Penang. It was put up by my dad way back in the 70's in our garden as fencing. It has weathered into a texture and color I really like and I used up all the barbed wire I brought back. I think it was almost 40 feet of it, if not more.

To me, ceramics blends itself very nicely with other materials and I use them to make the piece and tell the story.

41"H x 11" W  x 11"D








Marla Robb said...

Terrific work!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding as you really captured the meaning of First Love. It both has the pain and pleasure (memories) of that lost time other than your memories. Once again Outstanding !!!!!!!

Anthony Foo said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. I really appreciate it. Creating art that comes from the heart and within makes it possess a totally different feeling.