Monday, July 9, 2012

Design from the Least Expected Things

This is my recently completed piece. It's bone dry greenware and ready for bisque fire.

The base piece (the honey comb looking thing) started out as an experiment using cardboard packaging and coating it with paper clay slip. I have not done this before and wanted to try it out to see what will happen and how it will hold up in high fire to Cone 10 reduction.

I like the shape of it and where it was going so I decided to make it more complete by adding some of my trademark organic pods.

This piece will be essentially white on white with no colored glazes. The pods have been dipped in a beaded white glaze. At Cone 10, this glaze will "bead up" and crackle, so I hope. By using paper clay, it is possible to do a one-fire from greenware directly to Cone 10 and bypassing the bisque fire. However, since I fire most of my works in a community kiln, they may not allow me to do that.

I'll post the finished piece when I have it all completed.

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