Friday, June 29, 2012

Private Studio/Gallery Tour, June 16, 2012.

Installation of my "Mindfield" sculpture at my home for a private studio/gallery tour for the students from the McGroarty Fine Arts Center, Tujunga, California.

I taught a paper clay workshop there a month earlier and thought the students would get inspired coming to my studio and seeing how I work. The entire house was set up as a gallery.

Spiked spheres are approx. 12" dia. Hand build paper clay. Each one of the "spikes" was hand made. I lost count how many were made and I promised myself, "never again!"

I originally wanted to have the spikes randomly placed on the sphere but they eventually ended up in an organized, geometric pattern. That was when I discovered the geometry involved and the beauty in these things that Nature creates so effortlessly.

For this private studio/gallery tour, this grouping was installed in a room with over head track lighting. I like the way the shadows overlapped on the wooden floor.

Electric fired to Cone 06 with low fire red glaze. Mounted with stainless steel rods onto sand blasted solid aluminum bases. The tops can sway but no way are they gonna tip over!

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