Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Renewed Respect for the Humble Bee - Part 2

The top picture shows the two halves removed from the pod mold. The bottom picture is the two halves fitted together.

Bone dry shaping proved to be another time consuming task. I decided to finish the "cells" more in the green stage rather than wait after the bisque. Sanding and rasping with a metal rasp was the fastest and most efficient way to take down uneven surfaces. The green bone dry paper clay was strong enough to stand up to my sanding. Score another one for paper clay!

The paper clay is Gault 10 from Aardvark Clay in Santa Ana, California. It can be fired up to Cone 10.

Will post the picture of the piece after firing.

CAUTION: When sanding bone dry clay projects, always wear a face mask and sponge down your work area frequently to keep down the dust.

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