Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paper Clay Workshop - McGroarty Arts Center, April 29, 2012

Back by popular demand.

I will be teaching a paper clay workshop for the students at the McGroarty Arts Center on Sunday, April 29, 2012.

My first workshop there was in 2009 and it was very well received. This one day workshop will cover the basics of paper clay for the beginners and some advanced techniques for the more experienced.

The McGroarty Arts Center is located in the north Los Angeles area. It's up on a little hill amid natural stands of oak trees; an oasis for ceramic arts in this area. This idyllic and serene place is a nice respite from the hustle of the city. A great place for inspiration.


Dawn said...

Thank you, Anthony!

I loved the Paper Clay Workshop at McGroarty!!! You are an inspiration! I appreciate all the valuable information and experiences with paper clay that you provided! I am so excited to begin working with and mastering this wonderful sculptural medium!

Dawn said...
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Anthony Foo said...

Hello Dawn,

Thank you for your feedback about the workshop.
I'm glad you were able to attend and got to experience my favorite ceramic medium. I wish you lots of fun in your paper clay journey!