Friday, February 17, 2012

Southern Ice Porcelain clay in the USA

I came across the paper clay version of this clay several years ago at the Laguna Clay Company in Los Angeles. Since then, they have stopped carrying this imported clay which hails from Australia.

The USA distributor for this Southern Ice Porcelain clay is Seattle Pottery Supply in Seattle, Washington. Their website is

They don't carry the paper clay version of this clay and have no plans to import it here to the US.
You already know how to make paper clay from a regular clay body from my earlier posts in this blog. S0, you are set!


Lindy Feray said...

I would like more information on the paper clay made in Australia. I myself live in Australia and am interested in this product. I would appreciate any information you are able to provide on this product

Lindy Feray said...

I realize this was posted a few years ago and circumstances change, but if this product is still made I would appreciate any information you can provide. I also live in Australia and this has roused my curiosity.

Anthony Foo said...

Hello Lindy,
Thanks for visiting my blog. In Australia, the Southern Ice porcelain clay is sold by Clayworks. Here is the link. You can also search for it in on the web.

They also carry a paper clay version of the Southern Ice. There are many ceramic artists who use this clay in Australia.

Hope this helps.