Monday, February 27, 2012

It's All In the Heart

This calligraphy, by our Japanese swordsmanship teacher, Katsuse sensei, was written for our Anaheim school. It hangs in our training hall. The main wording from right to left reads as "Without the heart (or spirit), there is nothing else." In Japanese romanji, it reads as "Shin gai mu beppo."

In any activity, the presence of our heart or spirit in our work makes all the difference. It is especially so to me as a sculptor. As artists, we leave a part of us in the works we create. We may not consciously know it, but, in creating something out of nothing and seeing it to completion, we impart our energies in our handiwork.

In my martial arts training, it reminds us what we are striving for; to train totally with our body and spirit, and not merely going through the motions. What I am learning from my master's teachings can be aptly put to practice in my ceramic works.

"Without the heart, there is nothing else."

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