Monday, February 6, 2012

From Flat Mesh to 3D - Part 3

This is my new teapot project after completing all the dippings in paper clay slip. The teapot and the base are separate pieces. I decide to build the base for the teapot to sit on and to elevate it off the ground.

It took me 19 dips over a span of 8 days in the Gault 1o paper clay slip and about the same number of dips over 4 days in the Southern Ice Porcelain paper clay slip (thin consistency) to achieve this.

I used the Southern Ice porcelain paper clay slip for the final coats because I really like the brilliant whiteness of the porcelain paper clay when it is bisqued fired to Cone 04. One of the properties of paper clay is that you can add wet paper clay (in the case, slip) to a bone dry piece with no problems at all. The piece is bone dry and ready for bisque fire.

It's a sculptural piece, a take from my earlier work titled "Empty Calories"


edmee said...

c'est beau
vous etes un artiste,educateur
avec grand generosite
Yann M.F. from France

Anthony Foo said...

Merci pour vos commentaires. Je travaille dans l'argile du papier en raison de ses qualités uniques. Je tiens à partager ce que j'ai découvert au sujet de cette argile avec d'autres artistes en céramique.