Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great News - Lark's Series 500 Raku

I'm happy to announce the coming of 500 Raku by Lark's books. 500 Raku, juried by Jim Romberg, is the latest release in Lark's well-received 500 series.

My Japanese Demon masks will be in it. I'm just as excited as you are to see them in actual print.

It will have an official publication date of March 2011. It will be available in stores at the end of January. Pre-ordering has already started on Amazon and

Here are the Amazon and Barnes & Noble links to check out.

In the United States, the Amazon link can be found at:

The link on can be found at:

If you like the book, please consider writing a 5-star review on and recommend it highly to your friends, contacts, etc. I've been told that only five-star reviews are helpful in the book's ranking; even four-star review are detrimental.

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