Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making Your Own Blender Blade For Under $5.00

I decided to make my own blender tool for pulp and clay slurry preparation. All the parts can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store.

Here's the breakdown of the parts:
  • One Tie plate - 50 cents
  • One 24" long threaded rod, 5/16" dia - $1.76. I would have preferred an 18" long rod instead of the 24", but the store did not carry the 18" length.
  • One packet of nylon lock nuts, 5/16" dia - 98 cents. You only need one lock nut from the 2 that comes in the packet.
  • Two nuts 5/16"dia - 20 cents

With CA sales tax, it comes up to $3.75

I had to enlarge the central hole in the tie plate with a 1/4"drill bit to accommodate the threaded rod.

After that, assembly was very straight forward as seen in the picture.

An electric drill fits into the other end of the blender tool. Make sure the drill chuck is well tightened before use.

Disclaimer: Use caution, wear gloves, and eye protection for your own safety when operating electric tools. Use at your own risk.

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