Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black Mountain Paper Clay - Part 2

Part 2 - Making the Black Mountain clay slurry
The sequence of pictures correspond to the notes on the right side.

1. My left over Black Mountain clay was cut up and left to dry in the sun.
(first picture)

2. It took about 2 days in our hot Southern California weather to dry out. I was in no hurry so I left all those chunks outside. In the mean time, I went ahead and prepared the pulp from left over paper packaging.
(2nd picture down)

3. The big chunks were broken up and put into a 5 gallon painters bucket. (3rd picture down)

4. Water was added till the tops of the clay chunks were covered. Let sit until completely slaked. (last picture)

After the clay has been well soaked, blend till about medium thick oatmeal consistency and get rid of any lumps in the clay slurry. Add water to thin out if necessary.

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