Sunday, May 2, 2010

All You Need Is ...

I made it to the Ink and Clay 36 show this week at the Kellogg Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona. All of the ceramic pieces were great and I really enjoyed being able to see the pieces up close.

This is my piece in the show, titled "Terra Nova."

All you need is a nice pedestal and great lighting to show off your work! Of course, I say this in jest; yet, there is truth in it. It is amazing how a professional presentation sets off your work and elevates it to an entirely different world.

Here are the different clays and materials used in this piece:

• Sculpture paperclay
• Southern Ice Porcelain paperclay
• Black Mountain sculpture clay
• Black Mountain potters clay
• "Grogzilla" high grogged clay
• Sculpture paperclay mixed with rice
• Flashing slip
• Feldspar crystals
• Manganese dioxide
• Red Polymer clay
• Natural red seeds

Many of the "pods" were scavenged from an earlier piece that had been fired to Cone 10 reduction and did not turn out well. I "recycled" them into this piece. No glazes were used.

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