Monday, March 8, 2010

Tea Bowls and Hot Water Pot, 2010

For the past two years, the Irvine Fine Arts Center has sponsored their annual Spring tea set exhibition. It is a quiet event for ceramic artists and potters working at the IFAC to showcase their work and enjoy each other's company over a nice buffet dinner.

Unfortunately, this year the center has been so booked with shows and exhibitions that we won't be able to have this rather unique event. I was so looking forward to it.

This would have been my entry for this year's show, "Tea Bowls and Hot Water Pot." All the pieces are hand-made (no wheel here) from my sculpture paperclay. The outside texture is my distinctive "rice" texture. Iron oxide and manganese dioxide is used to give the deep brown to black color. This time I opt to use the Tomato Red glaze for the inside of the pieces, instead of Celadon. (I have too many pieces with Celadon and wanted to try another color variation). I think with freshly whisked powdered tea ("matcha"), the green frothy texture will play nicely against the rust red of the Tomato Red glaze. The bamboo tea whisk (called "chasen") and scoop ("chashaku") is store bought. I have been using them for over a year so they are getting nicely aged. Eventually the tea whisk will have to be replaced from normal wear and tear. The wooden stand of high quality birch plywood was specially made to display and complement this set.

Size: 14"W x 10"D (size of tray) x 10"H.

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Enjoy the tea sets!


Reva Garde said...

Anthony, how wonderful to find your blog! Its been almost 3 years and you may not remember me, I used to come to IFAC to Julia's class. {I'm now in India.} Hope you are doing good!

Kitoi said...

This tea set is great! Luv the red and oxided black mountain combination.

Anthony Foo said...

Hello Reva,

So very good to hear from you. Of course, I remembered you. Has it been that long already?
Time really flies. I've been doing lots of paperclay. How's ceramics over there. Keep in touch. Would love to see you work.

Anthony Foo said...

Hi Kitoi.

Thanks!. Glad you like it. This is the first time I'm using the Tomato Red glaze with my dark textured surface. I am happy with the result.
I really like the pots you make for your plants. Your collection of succulents are wonderful.

Linda Starr said...

Love the combination you chose for this set, the red goes nicely with the exterior. I plan on trying your rice texture one of these days. I have a pot waiting to be fired with coffee grounds and will see how that does.

Anthony Foo said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your comments.

My rice inclusions work most of the time. (See earlier post about one that did not work out).

The coffee grinds should work. I like to use a very coarse ground variety so the texture is more visible.

Recently I tried Perlite (also see earlier post) with my paper clay. I'll post the results here.

Glad you are enjoying the set. I think it turned out well.