Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upstream People Gallery - 12th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition

My work received Special Recognition for this year's show. This online exhibition runs for the entire 2010 year. Enjoy!

Here's the direct link:

Juror's statement:
ANTHONY FOO of Placentia, California has some interesting works in clay. “Family Ties” shows cylindrical forms in two parts; the white ones with black ties and the black ones with white ties. The idea of black and white as a family is a good concept indeed. With crackling used appropriately in the context of a kind of life form emerging from a shell or egg form he successfully creates “Emergence” with wonderful textural effects. “Terra Nova” shows an arch formation holding various cylindrical parts. And “Seed” with its rich patterns of circular voids and overall desaturated orange patina, is magnificently striking. Also, “Home” using raku with a shiny and rich reddish tone, with rough and smooth character, is a nice grouping.

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