Monday, March 2, 2009

New Piece for 2nd Annual Tea Set Exhibition

"Take Out Tea", 2009.

This is the completed tea set arrangement for the Irvine Fine Arts Center 2nd Annual Tea Set Exhibition.

The clay is Southern Ice Porcelain Paperclay. I decided to low fire with a clear crackle glaze 'cos the tea pot had a couple of hairline cracks at the corners and I did not want to risk it cracking (which it probably would) in a Cone 10 high fire.

I made the fortune cookies just for the fun of it and to complement the take out feeling of the set. The handle for the tea pot is braided from 3 steel wires. Size of tray is 14"W x 10"D.

For more information about the Tea Set Exhibition, please see the earlier posting below.

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Editorial Director said...

Quite a tasteful and artistic tea set - my better half has a huge array of teapots.

There is a semi-reprint in electronic form of the feature on you that appeared as the Main Section cover artist for the 2007-08 Fall/Winter print journal edition at